Epsilon is the E for Eleftheria / freedom of mind to dream, to desire, to plan. Mind is captured by the sea & the fire, and starts its travel, and creates expectations. When reality meets the expectation, E for freedom becomes E for ‘Epitihia’ / success & Eftichia / happiness. Epsilon is the beginning or completion of a successful path

The Concept

Cooking over fire is a slow process. Its simplicity brings people closer, allowing them to slow down from daily pace. It is the contrast between everyday speed and patient flame that attracts people to the essence of fire cooking.

One could say that it is the oldest method of cooking. Every culture has a tradition of cooking with fire. Seeing our food being cooked over visible flames and gathering around this intimate sight is very appealing.

There is something about open flames that brings food and people together!

This is how the idea of an open fire restaurant was born in the heart of our city. Through its flavors, tradition is revived. Fire is authentic and primitive. Fire is alive. It has a soul.

epsilon restaurant

The Team

“Cooking with fire symbolizes a much-needed sparkle in everyday life. It somehow brightens someone's day. This style of cooking will remain as long as humans exist."

Epsilon's culinary team reveal authentic flavors that literally 'come out' from the flames of a wood-fired oven or a traditional "parastia". He plays with the flavors by adding different types of wood over coals or other elements like sprigs of herbs.

"The high temperature that a bare wood fire can reach gives an extra layer of flavor and smokiness. At the same time, cooking over fire requires less oil, which makes the dishes lighter, allowing the natural flavors of the ingredients to emerge."

This ritual requires the instinct of flame control and judgment for the ideal cooking temperature of each material, which this cooking team possesses.

The menu

We raised the earth to the sky and set the sea on fire!

A masterful combination of Earth and Sea, herbs and tradition, memory and surprise, delves into local and Mediterranean flavors. Common language is the fire that reveals its essence through a mixture of strong meats , tender mountain shoots, sea breeze, wave and smoke. Balance.

All about the naked charm of the ingredients! Their non-negotiable freshness leads to a menu that changes colors, depending on the season. The freshest ingredients are collected with care, cooked exclusively on fire and reveal their most authentic taste.

Experience, patience and instinct are the necessary ingredients in every proposal!

The specially selected wines of the Greek and International vineyard are perfectly combined with the creations of the culinary team as well as the fine labels of alcoholic beverages that are mixed directly at your table.

Dinner Menu

The ambience

Anyone, anywhere in the world, somewhere's favorite food memories would be a gathering around a fire with friends or family—cooking, eating and laughing.

Guests can gather around the wood oven and celebrate the simple things in life in our modern world.

This method of cooking encapsulates the companionship and sense of belonging around a fire.

>It's a different atmosphere, it's an experience that offers integration of all senses, from smell to heat to taste.

At Epsilon, atmosphere conspires with experience. It gives it height through the panoramic view of Eleftherias Square and the port of the city. It gives away a cinematic backdrop, an elegant space with an open kitchen, allowing a clear picture of the action unfolding. He embraces her with the warmth of the open fire. It brings it back to authenticity with the visual appeal of earthy colors.

Live with us the glamorous experience of Epsilon . In a space bathed in warm inviting vibes.